With so many new faces in the community and such a large number of applications being submitted to work on teams for each TEC, we thought it would be a good idea to present the following explanation of the discernment process so that you can appreciate and understand what takes place in discerning teams for each TEC weekend.

When does it take place?

On or shortly after the first Wednesday following Comeback.

Who makes up the Discernment Team?

  • Chairperson and Spiritual Director (or his representative) of TEC
  • One representative of leadership from each team of the previous TEC
  • Two youth and/or young adult members from each team of the past weekend

What is the Discernment Team?

A team that gathers together and pray together, with the belief in God’s grace and guidance over the process.  Because we are a faithful community, we stand confident that the Lord continues to work through and among us.  Even when decisions are made that may not necessarily seem to be the best ones, God redeems those situations and allows for His work to be accomplished.

What happens that night of Discernment?

  • After much prayer, the team comes together and opens themselves to the Holy Spirit.
  • They sort through all the applications, reading each one and taking notes so that everyone has an idea what each person would like to do and why.
  • Extensive discussion follows and eventually the teams and talks are set.
  • The discussion (whether affirmation or constructive criticism) is always with the best intention of acting lovingly and with wisdom for the good of the individuals and the community

Is there any criteria used?

  • A blend of males and females
  • Experienced and new, outgoing and quiet
  • From different regional areas, high schools, colleges, and parishes
  • The structure of the weekend calls for certain numbers of people from varying ages
  • We also try to limit “out of towners” to only a few people

What else is there to consider?

  • The applicants’ gifts and talents and how these may best be used
  • The assumption that anyone applying is first applying with a desire to serve
  • The rule that a person may only work two weekends in a row will eliminate some individuals right at the start.
  • If an individual has just worked the previous TEC, then another person who has not worked a team in a while or who has not worked at all may be considered first.

Final Thoughts:

All of the criteria is weighed in order to provide mentoring situations for the development of further leadership vital to the community, provide teaching situations to strengthen individuals’ knowledge and appreciation for the charisma of TEC and of the Church, and to facilitate an environment wherein Jesus Christ can be experienced.

If there are ever any questions about discernment, please feel free to contact our chairperson or spiritual director (found on the About Us page), and they will be as honest and as clear as possible in explaining the discernment process.