✤ Encounter the person of Jesus Christ, risen and alive today
✤ Experience God’s love as radical, unconditional, and freely given
✤ Share a faith journey with other teens, young adults, and adults
✤ Learn more about the beauty of the Catholic faith
✤ Enjoy a relaxing time away from daily stresses to pray and reflect
✤ Have fun meeting other people and sharing community

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*NOTE: Teens still in high school must also ask an adult who knows them (priest, youth minister, teacher, employer, adult family member, etc.) to submit an online reference form, which can be found here.


(Covers all meals, room and board, and retreat materials)


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Stephanie Kess| Registrar | 216-789-0794 | tecregistrar@gmail.com
Katherine Komar | Chairperson | 440-221-0317 | katherinekomar@gmail.com