Greetings! You have been asked to be a reference for someone who is applying to work a Teens Encounter Christ retreat. (For more information about TEC, visit this page). Since we receive a number of applications to work retreats and can only accept a set number of applicants per retreat, it is necessary for us to discern who will be on the team and which role each individual will serve. In discerning these roles, we consider the various gifts and talents of each person and try our best to create a balance in terms of age, personality, school, parish, city, etc., ensuring that there are an adequate number of experienced persons on the team, while also offering opportunities for new applicants to work. The central focus of the team is to serve the retreat participants (not themselves) and provide them with positive examples of witnesses to the faith (despite the various challenges of life) that will inspire discipleship with Christ, so we try to form a team with that goal in mind.

In discerning the roster and roles of the forthcoming retreat, it is helpful to receive feedback from others who may know the applicant so we can better determine how to best place them or if this is the best time for them to serve. In addition to providing the opportunity for references to name the strengths they see, this also allows references the opportunity to inform us of anything that we should know about the individual that might be an obstacle to our goal of serving the retreat participants and leading them to develop a faithful relationship with Christ and his Church.

Therefore, we appreciate your honest responses, and we thank you for taking the time to provide us with your input, as it will greatly assist us in formulating a retreat team that will best serve the needs of the retreat participants. Please pray for the individual whom you are referring, that he/she may remain open to will of God and respond willingly to His call to serve others with the heart of Jesus Christ in whatever form that may manifest itself. Thank you for your assistance!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us:

Katherine Komar | Chairperson | 440-221-0317 |

New Team-Applicant Reference Form